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After Hatano Yui, well-known actress Minami Riona is about to exit NFTs, and the NFT market in the AV field has once again experienced a boom


The popularity of the NFT AV actress market is beyond imagination, almost all the AV actresses issued by NFT have been crazy, people who buy their favorite NFT actress can not only get special rights, but also can get rich day in the aftermath thanks to the appreciation of NFT, today’s protagonist is the well-known 90s AV actress Minami Riona, she is about to launch the first NFT work.

Now that the environment is changing, the Japanese AV industry, which has seen more than 50 years of development, is in decline, as Japanese writer Inoue Setko pointed out in the book “AV Industry: Awareness of the Trillion Yen Market” that the income of actresses is not high. On the other hand, due to the epidemic, the Japanese audiovisual industry had to be suspended for a while. As the pioneers of Japanese AV actresses in NFT, Ai Uehara and Hatano Yui are looking for other ways to follow their example by auctioning off NFT photos or possibly opening a new channel for other actresses to follow their lead. example.

As early as March 22, 2021, Ai Uehara, a retired Japanese audiovisual actress, announced on Twitter that she and her friends had released the NFT work and had sold it on the Rarible platform. One of them, called the NFT, ended up selling for $400,000. Since then, she has also opened the “actresses + NFT” boom.

In May of the same year, another well-known actress, Hatano Yui, sold 3,000 NFT blind boxes in just 5 minutes, with sales totaling over $1.5 million. In October, a series of NFT images of fellow AV actress Yuya Mikami soaking in a petal bathtub sold for $22,000. This is the first time they’ve used digital photography to kill a bloodline and push their career to a new climax.

The market popularity of the NFT actress reflects the Gen Z group’s recognition of digital AV peripheral products and digital AV assets, and it’s becoming the norm to openly talk about and even hold your favorite AV type of NFT: “Instead to love it, why not hold it?” The solidification of market business models and changes in user values ​​are further giving rise to the NFT market in the AV domain.

NFT initially reached the mainstream population of the circle and the promotion of applications in multiple industries, in digital art, retail, real estate, clothing and fashion and other commerce market users property rights and projects reached a level of one million, considerable volume, and showed high growth, category concentration characteristics, in addition, the pan-IP field also showed greater potential for development, more artists, core creators, stars are actively adopting the changes brought by NFT, this change is the biggest in AV field, after Hatano Yui, Ai Uehara and other well-known AV actresses, Minami Riona , a well-known AV actress after the 90s, will also launch the first NFT work, and the NFT market in the AV field has again ushered in a boom.

Minami Riona is a popular AV actress in Japan, with her cute looks and superb acting skills to gather tens of millions of people, every time her new work is released, it ranks among the top sellers on major sites Web video, with over 180,000 Twitter followers, and she tweeted that the first NFT will be launched on the Minario NFT platform (scheduled for mid-July).

It is reported that Minario NFT or will be supported by Windvane “Creator Fund” to become one of its first incubated NFT projects, then, the first batch of NFT works released by Minario NFT platform (with famous Japanese actress Minami Riona like the prototype) will also be launched on the Windvane platform synchronously, which will bring a huge NFT market effect to the project, interested friends can continue to pay attention to it, don’t miss the latest benefits of intelligence and activity.

Minario NFT is a comprehensive AV actress-themed NFT platform. With the exclusive overseas NFT release rights of famous 90s Japanese AV actress Minami Riona as an entry point, the published work with famous Japanese actress Minami Riona as a prototype can be said to be the creation of the NFT platform, which has extremely high collection value and appreciation space, and more subsequent holder rights.

This time, with the famous Japanese actress Minami Riona as the prototype, is expected to sell 1000 NFTs, which have been divided into 4 levels according to rarity: Mystery (1%), Super Rare Card (7%), Rare Card (17%), common card (75%), creating digital scarcity for assets, including blind box sales and airdrop rewards to early adopters of the platform, and supporting ETH, multi wallet circulation transactions -channels such as BSC can meet the collection and transaction needs of different main fan group channels.

The Minario NFT platform will empower issued NFTs, and users can enjoy many exclusive rights and interests while holding NFTs to gain high benefits.

The Minario NFT platform takes AV actors as the entry point to open up the NFT market, and the creation and sale of NFT is more aimed at empowering the AV industry and providing more interactive application scenarios. The platform will successively launch more famous Japanese AV actresses and overseas exclusive NFT releases for the entire AV industry in the future. Establish a DAO organization to provide NFT holders with AV video co-production/directing/shooting/participation program. Cooperate with companies such as Japan Manga Alliance organization and Japan’s top blockchain game to jointly sell/apply NFTs to extend NFT rights and interests to Metaverse games.

About Minario NFT:

Minario NFT is a comprehensive AV actress-themed NFT platform. Taking as an entry point the exclusive overseas NFT release rights of Minami Riona, a well-known 90s Japanese audiovisual actress, while protecting the audiovisual culture and copyright integrity of the works of content through blockchain technology, it strengthens zero-distance interaction between AV artists and fan groups, helps more AV artists and content creators monetize their works through NFTs, builds a new collectible market audiovisual digital and forms an autonomous DAO community centered on audiovisual culture.

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