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A fast and furious space scene reimagined into an adorable work of art

F9's space scene as a cute painting.

It’s almost surreal that after year and year to joke about it, the most recent Fast and furious movie, F9, actually sent characters into space. Seriously, io9 and the rest of the internet joked about vanity always. Then it happened. And it was hilarious, wonderful, and perfect. Now the moment has been captured in a way that truly befits its excellence, in the style of a Scott Campbell Great Showdown.

We’ve covered Scott C’s The Great Showdowns before, mostly because I’m a mega fan. I have waited several days on the sidewalks for the privilege of buying his work and we made an amazing video about its making process the greatest Showdown of all time, for Avengers: Endgame. (Watch it at this link.) But Campbell outdid himself with this one, not only showing Roman and Tej in the rocket-with a Pontiac Fiero engine, but also the satellite the pair must crash into to help save the world. A great showdown if ever there was one, with smiling faces from everyone.

Although the piece currently only lives on Scott C’s social media, it could very well become a print in the future or be displayed whenever the artist has another art show. So better follow him to all social media platforms to know more. And then click on the links below to read more coverage of F9, Fast and furious in space, and Scott C Great Showdowns:

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