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75 vacant Melbourne storefronts up for grabs for artists and creatives


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The $2.6 million program means elevating businesses with additional foot traffic in early 2023.

From Errol Street in North Melbourne to new neighborhoods in Docklands, the Storefront activation program will continue to breathe new life into Melbourne’s businesses next year. The program aims to give 40 different stores the opportunity to test their unique crafts and services given the impacts of the pandemic.

The storefront activation program

  • The storefront activation program starts early next year
  • Locations on Errol Street, Victoria Street, Bellair Street, Macaulay Road and Docklands

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Given the cost of multiple lockdowns, the City of Melbourne is confident that a particular focus on the storefront will shed new light on some unique small businesses in Melbourne. Not only is this aimed at upgrading businesses in the region, but it is also seen as an opportunity to attract new businesses.

“We have seen incredible success stories through the storefront activation program – watching businesses blossom with several tenants extending their leases, and others becoming permanent City of Melbourne fixtures,” said Kevin Louey, Senior Portfolio Advisor Business and Global Opportunities.

For starting a business, this option is a blessing. Offering low-cost or free rentals on over 75 different vacant storefronts across Melbourne neighborhoods, it lends a helping hand to budding creatives and visionaries. From companies such as G’day Kitty, a store specifically for all things feline and Jem Bray Art, a contemporary digital art experience.

Although a means of specifically targeting small business growth, the program is a by-product of the City of Melbourne and the Victorian Government’s Melbourne City Recovery Fund.. $100 million has been donated to keep the pulse of our favorite streets and alleys, our small businesses and our culture beating.

Lord Mayor Sally Capp endorses the scheme, saying: “We are proud to continue this scheme and step up our efforts to revitalize quieter spaces – supporting local jobs and increasing footfall and visitation.”

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