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61st Annual Eagle Harbor Art Festival Highlights Original Artwork


EAGLE HARBOR, Mich. (WLUC) – The Copper Country Associated Arts Gallery hosted the 61st annual Eagle Harbor Arts Festival this weekend.

About 65 vendors showcased their artwork ranging from ceramics, paintings and hand-woven crafts.

Miles Stearn has been attending the Eagle Harbor Arts Festival for about 10 years and showcases his handcrafted pottery.

“People really appreciate my pottery and it’s really cool that people come back and buy from me again year after year,” said artist Miles Stearn. “There is no other feeling, people are paying their hard earned money for your parts which I make with my heart, it’s awesome.”

Stearn says he had good sales this weekend thanks to community support.

“It’s super easy to do and there’s a good turnout, so the sales are really good, and the community supports the show,” Stearn said. “I look forward to coming here every year.

Event organizer Linda Dodge said she was pleased with the turnout this year. There were 45 returning artists at this festival and nine new artists this year.

“It just makes you smile that everyone is having a busy summer, a lot of people have company and yet they take the time to bring their company or take time out, there are a lot of family gatherings this year and they say you’re welcome to come with us, but we’re going to the fair,” Dodge said.

Dodge says if you missed this year, it’s worth making the trip next summer.

“Well, if you’ve never been here, please come up,” Dodge said. “If it’s too late this year, join us next year, it’s wonderful and fun.”

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