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$ 4000 worth of stolen instruments from downtown Redmond art and music store


(Update: added video, owner comments)

Three guitars, saxophone, broken glass doors

REDMOND, Ore. (KTVZ) – Art and Music in downtown Redmond on Southwest Fifth Street is a family owned business with a mission to inspire and teach creativity. You can buy art supplies, instruments, sign up for a painting class, or take guitar lessons. Terry Hurt, the owner, says the store has been open for about two and a half years and was shocked when the store was broken into.

Hurt received an alert at around 1:30 a.m. Tuesday morning indicating that the alarm was going off. When he arrived, the front door was smashed, as well as the door to the music room. He explained that some guitars had been rejected and stolen.

However, it was not just any guitar that was taken.

“It’s a 1960 Gibson double cutaway, Les Paul custom special – big name,” Hurt said. “It’s just a fantastic guitar – it’s older, beautifully shaped, almost in perfect condition.”

“There’s probably one in Redmond, Oregon and the surrounding areas and that was it – yeah, it’s a very unique and very special guitar.”

Hurt says two more guitars and a saxophone were also missing. He told NewsChannel 21 on Wednesday that it was heartbreaking to see his store broken into, with broken glass everywhere.

Redmond Police are still investigating, but Hurt says based on security camera footage, the entire ordeal took just 18 seconds.

But during those 18 seconds, instruments valued at $ 4000 were taken and two glass doors were smashed.

“We love what we do. We have ‘inspire’ in our windows and that’s our goal – to inspire people with music and art,” Hurt said, “And so have one, you know. , a bad guy is like … it’s a hit. “

“You fix the door and fix the other door, and you move on and just enjoy the awareness and love that we get from our community – you know we stand together.”

The family set up a Linktree page to help raise funds to cover needed repairs.